Photography by G.A.Jennings

Canvas Prints

Some images need to be bold, big, colorful, filling the room bold.

While I do make an attempt to "explain" part of my photography styles, cities present a pretty cool landscape and new styles. While walking cities, sometimes looking down, sometimes at walls and alleys, sometimes up, colors and patterns always stand out... And these images inspired a new style: large, canvas prints, up to 48 inches square.


Street #1  A marked utility cover usually indicates "maintenance" of some kind. Blue is an unusual color and the thickness and the white streaks makes this a very bold image. And turned horizontal, the white streak looks like it was a bold stroke of pain that flowed down...


Street #1  Close up.


Wall #1  What this image is of – or originally was – will probably never be known. It's just one of those, "cityscape", images that catches the eye.
It was not until I placed this image here did I notice the very faded words and possibly a logo in the image.

These prints are for the bold wanting a four foot square print to dominate a room or a wall, to cause people to stop and stare and to ask questions about it. These are $400 a print, professionally mounted, numbered and in limited quantity.

no image may be reproduced without permission