Photography by G.A.Jennings

Nature Wabi Sabi

I call these Nature Wabi Sabi because they have that aesthetic of transience and imperfection in nature. All of these photographs are unique and most can never be repeated.

These are all 8 x 10 inches and printed and mounted in a unique way. They are printed on matte photo paper, sealed with clear photo sealer and mounted in wooden frames with no border and no glass.

The frames are always different, and chosen to highlight the images.


This is a close-up of a fallen oak tree, shaped by the elements, eventually the log will rot and fade away to dust.


A view of the sky through a tree, slightly out of focus or moving in the wind?


Beautiful streaking clouds lit up by the setting sun makes up this image.


This is finished and beautifully framed. The one of a kind frame draws out the nature of the image nicely.


This image is in a stock frame I have a few of. I think the black contrasts nicely with the bright colors.

All of these — and some not uploaded yet — are for sale at three different prices. Mounted by me* with a random frame that I happen to find that I think highlights the image, for $100.00, which I will eventually display here; mounted professionally with a choice of frames, for which I will compile a list of available frames, for $200.00. The other will be professionally mounted with a frame of your choosing, with the price dependent on how/where I will get the frame.

*I'm not such a bad framer myself!

no image may be reproduced without permission