Photography by G.A.Jennings

The Wabi Tek Sabi Series

For the definition and explination of Wabi Tek Sabi and Wabi Sabi
(along with a comparison of wabi tek sabi, wabi sabi and modernism)
Wabi Tek Sabi at Sentitive Research.

A Limited Selection

All are 8 x 10 inches and printed and mounted in a unique way. They are printed on matte photo paper, sealed with clear photo sealer and mounted in wooden frames with no border and no glass – just like a painting.

The frames are always different, and chosen to highlight the image.

Some will call these photographs of junk, as indeed they are! Yet they have that something quality about them which is Wabi Sabi.


All of these photographs come from the old Handy Cranberry Trust cranberry bogs. This is the door of an old truck.


Another old door, this time the paint crackled and is falling a way. Not unlike a map!


Who knows what this is from? Certainly not me! The bolts are reminiscent of mushrooms.


From a pile of iron... things. The color and shape are the definition of Wabi Tek Sabi it seems to me.


And here it is framed. The frame is by Laville Frames which are handcrafted from the ruins of a 150 years old Cypress Plantation building.

All of these — and some not uploaded yet — are for sale at three different prices. Mounted by me* with a random frame that I happen to find that I think highlights the image, for $100.00, which I will eventually display here; mounted professionally with a choice of frames, for which I will compile a list of available frames, for $200.00. The other will be professionally mounted with a frame of your choosing, with the price dependent on how/where I will get the frame.

*I'm not such a bad framer myself!

no image may be reproduced without permission