Photography by G.A.Jennings


This is a collection of water reflections serendipitously found hiking and traveling various places on Cape Cod. All are unique and most can never be duplicated.

This series are all 5 x 7 inch prints mounted in flat black 8 x 10 inch frames.


Reflections #6 – The Town Hall of Sandwich, Massachusetts as reflected in Mill Creek that runs along side it.
This image looked nothing like what was seen in the view finder, and since the water was flowing and churning, this image can never be captured again.


Reflections #10 — There are so many of these that I can just number them. Although this one is subtitled, "Tree and Sky".


Reflections #12 — A nearby pond taken in the morning with the bright sun shining down into the water.


Reflections #17 — These are pilings of a pier during an overcast day. Reminiscent of a water color painting.

All of these — and some not uploaded yet — are for sale at two different prices. Mounted by me for $60.00; mounted professionally with UV glass, sealed and a wire hanger, for $120.00. All will be mounted in a flat black, 1" frame.

I'm not such a bad framer myself!
no image may be reproduced without permission